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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 31, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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the barricades are up and the crowds are gathering in just two hours san francisco will ring in the new year with a massive fireworks display. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. a dazzling display of fireworks is set to light the night when the clock strikes midnight tonight. and the bay area ushers in the new year. and this year the weather is cooperating. happening now ktvu's cristina rendon is live along the embarcadero where hundreds of thousands are expected to gather tonight. >> reporter: the embarcadero
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looks a lot more crowded than it did earlier today. it's a beautiful night to see those fireworks we're told the barge is already in the water. the crowds are out. >> happy new year. >> reporter: and partys are just beginning. >> you know hopefully we make some new friends tonight. >> reporter: as san francisco gets ready to ring in 2014. >> we kind of wanted a low key new year's eve. we thought why not spend it with people who mean the most and spend it with them. >> reporter: that's how many people are expected to be at the embarcadero for the new year's eve. >> we go to the same particular place that we go to so there's not many people. >> reporter: the same company that did the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary is doing the new year's so we're pumped. we're excited. >> reporter: inside sinbad's
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restaurant friends are celebrating the new year. >> looks like a lot of time. we're staying at the hotel. we don't have to go any where afterward. staying safe and with friends. all that's left to do is count down to midnight and start thinking about those new year resolutions. >> we gave those up years ago. you get to a certain age you know you're going to break them any way. >> reporter: we have already seen police out siting people. busting them for having alcohol. we saw them actually have those people pour their liquor out into the street. if you're going to be out. police want to urge you to use a designated driver or take advantage of the public transportation system just so you can get home safety. cristina rendon. >> we want to show you a live look at oakland tonight where we've seen some periodic bursts of unofficial fireworks displays. police say they have extra
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patrols on the streets but tonight has been fairly quiet so far. crews did catch sight of these fireworks in oakland. there driver was among several pulled over tonight while we were on a ride along with a chp officer in oakland. the man took a field sobriety test and was not arrested. the chp says last year 203 people were arrested in if the bay area. people have already welcomed 2014. that happened a little more than an hour ago. so much confetti you can hardly
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see. thousands of people gathered to see the crystal ball drop. miley cyrus and melissa ethridge gathered for the revelers. fruit artists created orange cented bubbles that rained down from the sky during the show. this one in sidney australia. an estimated 1-1/2 million people gathered on sidney harbor making it one of the first few year's celebrations. and we posted on our website a year in review. just look for hot topics on the front page. new video tonight from marin county a roll over crash there has reportedly killed one
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person and injured another near tamales bay. the car became engulfed in water. firefighters say bystanders pulled one victim out of the vehicle but fire crews had to rescue a second person who was trapped by his seat belt. the marin independent journal reports that passenger later died at the hospital. both men appear to be in their 20s. former first lady barbara bush is in the hospital tonight. the 88-year-old is being treated for a respiratory related issue. according to a statement released by her husband's office. methodist hospital in houston admitted her last night. she is said to be in good spirits and has been visited by her husband and other family members. there is some late legal maneuvers today in an ongoing battle over jahi mcmath as john fowler reports the state appeals court made a stern ruling. >> reporter: the hospital says it's cooperating as best it can
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be the grieving family of a dead girl. >> i look at her and i feel like a mother i am supposed to help her. and this hospital has my hands tied. and i'm very, very, i'm very sad. >> reporter: the family's attorney late today petitioned the state appeals court for emergency orders. for surgical insection of breathing and feeding tubes to allow transfer of jahi's body to another facility. >> this is a deceased young woman. there's no positions in this facility and there's no position that she's brought forward that would perform any surgery on a dead body. >> reporter: the family and hospital today fired off these dualing letters. there's two cases over what the hospital can and cannot do. a judge yesterday ruled the child dead after tonsillectomy surgery three weeks ago but ordered children's hospital to maintain her body on a ventilator. however the hospital says any surgery on a dead body is ethically wrong. >> they're setting up roadblocks at every road that
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we try to go down to save jahi. because imagine this, if jahi does come back as we hope. imagine what children's is going to have to face. >> the court and three physicians have ruled this young lady dead. she's not coming back under any circumstances and that's the sad, sad truth. >> late today the state appeals court turned down the family's re -- request. the family says it is still looking for a hospital to take jahi's body. a federal court ruling is scheduled for a week from today. there is a photo posted by jahi's uncle. under the photo it says i will fight for you forever jahi. in 1990, shiva was diagnosed as being in a vegetative state.
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eight years later her husband petitioned the court to have her feeding tube removed and shivel's parents objected. what followed was a long battle. in 2009 she died at the age of 41. two investigates tonight new complaints from people who have been waiting on backlogged unemployment benefits even after the state fixed a problem with a computer upgrade. some reached out to ktvu's eric rasmussen saying they still haven't been paid. he joins us with what's making this situation even more difficult. >> reporter: a few people have told me they're still waiting on benefits from november and now emergency federal unemployment has been cut off. state officials say they're working to clear up remaining issues with a new payment processing system but at least one man we spoke to is running out of options. >> carlos quesada is doing a lot more walking in livermore. he said he had to sell his acura. >> it's a car that was shown in
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car shows. it really just broke my heart. >> reporter: waiting on unemployment benefits covering rent is next. the employment development department failed to sent him the proper claim forms on time. >> it says completed no form. it always has a date here. >> reporter: putting his benefits on hold. >> i still have a balance with them that's about $1,615 which i'm sure i will never see. >> reporter: two investigates has been looking into problems at edt since september after a rocky computer system upgrade over the labor day weekend. while officials say they've paid out more than $3 billion in benefits since then, today a spokeswoman told ktvu we do have some individualized issue that is remain that affect less than 1% of our total claimants. some work around processes are in place until more permanent adjustments can be completed. quesada who's been working for work says it's little
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consolation. >> here i am struggling. not having work and not having you know not knowing where the next $20 would come from. now to make matters worse, quesada is among the 222,000 californians that were waiting for the benefits that recently expired. congress could take that issue up as early as monday. >> what can people do if they think they are still owed benefits. >> right and julie we've heard from people who say they're still have been trouble getting edd on the phone. some are having trouble getting response over e-mail. there's now message boards dedicated to this issue. there's some that have refused to get help from their members. and a summertime firefighter strategy is being kept this winter and we'll tell you why that strategy paid off. >> we will pinpoint the warmest spots to spend your holiday.
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breaking news now out of san francisco where a deadly accident has claimed the life of a child and sent two other people including another child to the hospital. the accident happened just after 8:00 tonight at polk and ellis street in the tenderloin. we understand three people were struck by a vehicle as they crossed the street. we do have a crew at the scene and we hope to bring you a live report coming up in just a few minutes. one day before the insurance through the affordable care act is set to
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take effect a legal victory by some employers opposed to providing coverage for birth control. sonia sotomayor -- churches and houses of worship are exempt. but other nonprofit groups like church run hospitals or parochial schools must automatically have a third party insurer provide separate benefits. today health and human services secretary sebelius says 13 million people have signed up for health care. the health and human services
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secretary says that it's her new year's resolution to have more people enroll. the attorney general asked the u.s. supreme court to immediately suspend same-sex marriages. same-sex couples began married in utah earlier this month after a federal judge ruled the state's ban on gay marriages violates the right to equal protection under the constitution. the attorney general wants the marriages stopped while the state appeals that judge's decision. nearly 2/3 of utah's residents are mormon. the mormon church are one of the leading sources on california's ban of same-sex marriage. an alameda county jury found there was no unintentional age discrimination in a mass lay off. the average age of the 250 people laid off was 50 years.
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a jury found morris live mother was guilty of breach of contract. both parties returned to court in february. firefighters are spending the night monitoring the mount hamilton area following a suspicious fire that burned 40 acres. as ktvu's robert handa reports, conditions are very dry and all it took was a spark. >> calfire helicopters began swooping into the mount hamilton area this morning shortly after 5:00 a.m. after a vehicle fire of some kind ignited dry vegetation that fueled flames. >> when i was coming down from the observatory there was like a 2-mile fire line. >> reporter: calfire swarmed in trying to keep the fire from spreading. >> it has a lot of room to run
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if it got across the highway. the goal was to keep it isolated between the highway and this dirt road down below us. >> reporter: how much fuel is up here? >> a lot. it's real dry. conditions are very similar to what you would see in mid- october. >> reporter: firefighters were able to contain the fire to 40 acres. then investigators began searching for a cause. they say there were two abandoned vehicles found on mount hamilton road. one totally burned the other vandalized and left in the roadway. >> the fire was started in the area where the vehicle that was on fire was found. we just don't know if the fire was started because people started a fire outside the vehicle or the vehicle started the fire. >> reporter: calfire says it will also do something it doesn't usually do in december. keep crews here overnight to check for hot spots. in santa clara county, robert handa. apple is denying knowledge of a program that can proportedly snoop on iphone users. a german newspaper reported
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that the nsa developed a system to hack into iphones. the newspaper sited a leak nsa graphic from 2008. in a statement apple says it has never worked with the nsa to produce background channels to snoop on iphone users. another 5,000 workers will be laid off because of what the company called market and business pressures. the job cuts are part of a restructuring plan first announced back in 2012. at that time the total number of lay offs was expected to be around 27,000. but that figure has grown to about 34,000. new trouble for target just weeks after a security breech, the retailer is now dealing with a prop involving its gift cards. as tom vacar reports, some shoppers are thinking twice about how they pay for purchases. >> reporter: target sells some 40 million cards a year with an
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average value of $5 each. but a number was sold without a code. for one target shopper, who successfully used a gift card it simply adds more doubt about target's over all ability to handle noncash transactions. >> i definitely took into consideration how i would pay here. i have a -- i had a target gift card and that's the only way i would pay right now or cash. >> reporter: what are the chances you would get a miscoded gift card. only one in 1,000. that means that would be one out of a stack of these cards 4 feet tall. fortunately for target it appears that many customers are willing to forgive and forget for now. >> i shop here all the time. i've never had any problems. and it wouldn't stop me from coming here. >> yeah i would continue shopping there. it's still a great store, great prices, good quality products. so yes. >> reporter: but even supporters say target could
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lose customers if there are any more thefts or blunders. >> i would say there's a marketing concern if i was in target's shoes. >> i think that they certainly have a job to do in terms of their pr and what has happened recently. >> reporter: target issued a statement saying target will honor the impacted cards. if a guest discovers that their gift card has not been activated they can bring it to the guest service desk at the local target store or call for assistance. tom vacar, ktvu news. the final hours of 2013 are chilly ones. we have temperatures in the low 40s in livermore 40 degrees walnut creek. napa checking in at 33. and san francisco where we have folks out waiting for the fireworks 50 degrees right now and sinking back into the upper 40s in the last hour or so. as we roll into the evening hours and by tomorrow morning bottoming out into the 30s. napa below freezing at 30. santa rosa you're checking in right around 30 degrees.
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40 for hayward and widespread mid- to upper 30s. redwood city, mountain view into san jose. for your afternoon the first day of 20 is 14 temperatures a few degrees warmer than what we had today. 65 in oakland, 65 in san francisco, and we'll ring in the new year with another spare the air alert. i'll have a look at the air quality for your area coming up. 2013's hottest stocks. two bay area cities seeing an improvement in crime. what the city credits for their success. %g
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we have new information about what caused the death of a man inside a vacant store in daly city. the san mateo coroner's office says price fell after falling two stories from the ceiling
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rafters. it's unknown why price was at the site. construction workers found the south san francisco's man's bodies last friday. san francisco police have identified the man they said led officers on a wild chase we brought you as breaking news last night. jacques samuel led police on a pursuit. it ended when the parolee crashed. one officer was hit by samuel's car. he was treated and released. another officer opened fire. as 2013 comes to a close, at least two cities troubled by violence are showing an improvement. why police in richmond and oakland are seeing better days.
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>> reporter: i'm a anitive of richmond. all my life. >> in 2009 there were 43 homicides in the city but in the last year they've declined. >> things in richmond are better. they're better. you know and hopefully it keeps progress. >> reporter: in richmond, vie leapt crime over all has dropped 38% this year. >> shootings, robberies, any type of sexual assault. >> reporter: police credit their resources. they have more than 40 detectives working in specialized units from homicides to narcotics. they've also noticed an improvement. >> take them home with you. lionel, april 5th. >> reporter: people gatt -- gathered to pay their respects to homicide victims.
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this year there are 89 crosses on display. the name of jarell jackson's best friend is on one of them. >> those memories i can never get back. never. >> reporter: april 21st,. >> reporter: like richmond oakland has also seen a drop in homicides this year. 125 last year. that's a 29% decline. but for grieving friends and family members it's little consolation. >> it's not getting better. and it needs to. >> reporter: whether it's in richmond, oakland or other cities, one homicide victim is one too many. >> david june 2 áp. >> allie rasmuss. more details on a bay area city that has not seen its homicide number drop. that's vallejo. they have reported 25 homicides this year. last year there were 16. the city of san jose has seen a slight improvement over 2012. this year the city logged 43 homicides that compared to 46
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last year. it has been a record setting year on wall street. stocks ended in positive territory on this final day of trading for 2013. the dow jones gained 72 points ending at an all time high. the s & p gained seven. over all in 2013 the dow is up 26-1/2%. it best annual performance since 1995 -- its best annual performance since 1995. the s & p is up 29.6%, its best gain in 16 years. the nasdaq is up 38.3%. >> this is a fabulous year for investors, a fabulous year for everybody's 401k. netflix is the top performer this year. up 298% since january 2nd. palo alto based tesla was nasdaq's best performer with
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shares soaring 138%. meteorologist rosemary orozco is ahead. also ahead the mother of an east bay boy who died too young heads to the tournament of roses parade to honor her son. and we'll take you live to the big new year's fireworks display. right after the break.
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back to that breaking news in san francisco's tenderloin district where a vehicle struck three people tonight and left a juvenile dead. christien kafton is live at the scene with late details, christien. >> reporter: this is still a
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very active scene, a very active investigation at polk and ellis in san francisco the scene of tonight's deadly accident. you can see the police officers and accident reconstruction is still here. here's what san francisco police are telling us this evening. shortly after 8:00 this evening a woman and two children a boy and a girl were crossings the street. according to the police, that gray honda pilot hit them. now the woman and the kid were taken to san francisco general hospital where one of the children the girl we're hearing died as a result of her injuries. we're also hearing from police that the driver of the gray honda pilot stayed at the scene and is cooperating with investigators and may actually still be speaking with investigators here at the intersection at this time. officers say they do not think that drugs or alcohol were a factor in the accident at this point. now again this is the intersection of polk and ellis. this accident happening about 8:00 this evening.
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we're hearing that the one victim, the one victim who passed away as a result of her injuries a young girl. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton, channel 2 news. christian, we weren't hearing any information on the ages of the victims. and i don't know if you have any information. we saw when the cameras zoomed in at the crosswalk was that a stroller or some kind of a shopping chart that was there on the street? >> reporter: it looks like it's a shopping cart or stroller. we're trying to figure that out. we just arrived here on scene. so we're trying to figure out exactly what was here originally and what wasn't here. it is a stroller. we are hearing however that the two children were possibly ages 5 and 7. so that might have been a toy that may have been left by somebody else. we're not sure exactly how that ties in to this accident. >> all right, thank you. we'll continue to follow this as much as we can. this is the second deadly pedestrian accident in san francisco just today. around 3:30 this afternoon a man died after he was struck by a pickup truck.
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this happened at napels and rourhist street. a heavy police presence around oakland city hall where officers expected demonstrators to show up tonight. while there were many officers there were no demonstrators in sight as of 9:30 tonight. tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of the new year's shooting of oscar grant by a b.a.r.t. police officer. members of oscar grant's family and the director of the movie fruitvale station are expected to attend. stanford is looking for its second straight rose bowl victory tomorrow. the number five cardinal face number four michigan state in the 100th rose bowl. sanford is in pasadena for the second straight year. it is michigan state's first trip since 1988. sanford is considered a slight favorite tomorrow afternoon.
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and before the rose bowl of course is the rose parade. the floating are being lined up on the roads in pasadena. the 125th tournament of roses parade gets under way at 8:00 tomorrow morning. some people have been camping out for days to stake out their spot along the parade rout. a bay area mother is slated to take part in the parade to honor the dream of her disabled son who passed away. he was just 11 when he died. his dream was to create this playground in concord for children of all abilities. tomorrow his mother is to ride on a float inspired by the playground. >> one of our biggest dreams is now becoming a reality. people are going to learn about playgrounds for children with disabilities. and the importance of play with other children. >> reporter: donations from the lions club helped to make the playground a reality and the parade float is also a project of the lions club.
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a mysterious crop circle has been mowed down. the property owner says all of the attention had become a nuisance and he decided to get rid of it. hundreds flocked to see the creation. and sparked a lot of talk of aliens and a place to throw a new year's eve party. earlier today the unusual high tides forced the closure of highway 1 off ramp near millvalely. that spot is prone to flooding during the rainy season. king tides are naturally occurring and happen several times a year. wood burning is banned both indoors and outdoors except for home that is depend on fire as their only source of heat. this is the 23rd alert that the spare the air day has been
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issued. rosemary is here to show us that 2013 will go down as the driest year since records have been kept. >> quite remarkable and that's what we're seeing as we close out 2013. the lack of rainfall for most of our communities but a look at san francisco quite impressive. this data goes all the way back to 1850. so again, 2013 shattering the old record. coming in with 5-inches, .59 when the old record was 9- inches. here's a look at where we sit. we are any where from 15 to 30% of average for the calendar year sliding south just a little bit. oakland coming in at 17%. 24% in san jose. we are going to remain dry for the first few days of january. i'll have a look into your weekend coming up. a new year brings with it a hike in natural gas and electricity costs for many
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people around the bay area. average residential natural gas bills will increase about 7%. that translates to an increase of more than $10 a month. that will add about 23-cents more to an average customer's bill. it's something you rarely hear. why you could soon be paying less at the pump. >> one of the bay area's driest years. i'll lay out the records and what the new year will bring. >> and coming up a 2-year-old girl fighting brain cancer. >> she's already had 14 plus transfusions between blood and platelets. >> how her story is bringing people together to help other sick children.
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the first day of 2014 might be the day 75 people stranded in antartica could be rescued.
10:39 pm
today the 75 passengers and researchers seem to be in a very festive mood in this video they posted on you tube. here they can be seen packing down the snow near their stuck ship to help a passenger land. and they're hoping that tomorrow a helicopter on a chinese vessel can land to rescue them. and in hawaii, a sink hole swallowed a truck. the sink hole opened up on the road that is the main access point on the big island. there's been an outpouring of support for a little girl that's fighting brain cancer. >> gasia mikaelian tells us what the family of that 2-year- old did today to give back to the community that has given
10:40 pm
them so much. >> reporter: inside the church of jesus christ in livermore today. more than prayers were being given on behalf of delaney newton gave blood. three months ago delaney was diagnosed with brain cancer. >> she's already had 14 plus transfusions between blood and platelets since october. so and there's still more to come. she still has two more cycles. >> reporter: her family decided to hold a blood drive for families going through the same heart wrenching ordeal. >> when i came back, i saw what was happening and i'm glad to be back. it's really an amazing, amazing community. >> i used to donate blood years ago. but this is the first time i donated blood in a long time. >> reporter: delaney's family is a firefighter.
10:41 pm
and that has brought out many of his fellow fire fighters. people are following the little girl's fight from around the world. delaney's parents say they're overwhelmed. they hope to raise awareness for the great need of donated blood. and they say this is their way to try to give back all delaney has been given and more. gasia mikaelian, ktvu news. a reminder now the san francisco 49ers take on the green bay packers this sunday in their first play off match up. you can watch the game right here on channel 2. kick off is set for 1:40. we're all airing our own special road trip to a championship. we will take a look back at the 49ers regular season and preview sunday's match up with the packers. you can catch it friday night right after the cotton bowl. then again on saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. following mornings on 2. >> we're following breaking
10:42 pm
news in oakland we're gathering details on a shooting that sent a juvenile to the hospital tonight. rosemary is updating our forecast with what we can all expect through the weekend. >> we have new information on the deadly pedestrian accident in san francisco. we'll have a live update right after the break. ty. and right now, it's our lowest prices of the season. save $300 to $800 on our newest innovations. plus, for one week only, special financing until january 2016. only at a sleep number store, where queen mattresses start at just $699.99. sleep number. comfort individualized.
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we've been following breaking news in san francisco at polk and ellis in the city's tenderloin district where there was a hit-and-run or it was not a hit-and-run. the driver of the vehicle stopped after hitting three people. >> and ktvu's christien kafton is there he joins us now with new information. what have you learned. >> reporter: just had a chance to speak with the sergeant who's on the scene who gave us new details on this. what we're understanding now, you can see the tow truck about to tow away that gray pilot. the pilot and pedestrians were westbound on ellis.
10:45 pm
they were going on your screen from the left to the right. that the pedestrians were on the cross light. that they did have the light and that gray pilot tried to make that turn and that's when the collision occurred. we also learned the ages of the victims it was a mother and a 7- year-old daughter and a 4-year- old boy. we are hearing that the mother and 4-year-old boy are still in the hospital recovering. the 7-year-old girl was killed in this crash. in this accident. we also have learned that the driver again who did stop here at the scene is in custody. that was the terminology that was used by san francisco police. that he's in custody at northern district station. we don't know exactly how cooperative he's being or what his status is at this point. but we do know that they have him. they're talking with him and they're trying to figure out exactly what seems to have happened at the scene of this accident that has left a 7-year- old girl deceased. christien kafton, ktvu news. >> thanks very much. it could cost you less to fill up your car in 2014.
10:46 pm
aaa says drivers can expect to spend about 5-cents less per gallon in the new year. that's because the united states is producing more of its own crude oil. nationwide output is up 19% in the last year. governor jerry brown has signed 800 laws this year. on the roads drivers will be required to keep 3 feet away from bicyclists when passing and anyone with the low emission or zero emission car can use the car pool lane even when driving alone. people living in the country illegally will be able to practice law here in california. by 2015 illegal residents will be able to get a driver's license. governor brown also signed legislation barring county jails from turning over people living in the country illegal to federal authorities. some laws affects family that is allow children to have more than two legal parents. law enforcement must activate
10:47 pm
an amber alert when one of -- seven flavors are involved. the recalled containers have expiration dates through april 19th of next year. as we wind down 2013 and begin a new year tomorrow, little change in the forecast. that means unseasonably dry mild weather is going to continue. giving you a look here as storm tracker 2. no rain to speak of. this will include through the weekend. so our first weekend of 2014 is going to be a dry one. if we get just a little bit closer mostly clear skies well off the coastline. seeing just a few high clouds
10:48 pm
spill into areas around clear lake. that's pretty much about it. so far the month of december as we spoke about just a few moments ago. closing out very dry and this is going to be the trend we see at least through the weekend. and some models take it way beyond that. we will take it one day at a time. giving you a look here at the air quality going to be slightly worse for some tomorrow. that shade of orange in the air quality index about 100. meaning if you're very sensitive to the pollutants if you have asthma. respiratory issues to be aware for tomorrow. tomorrow is another spare the air day. meaning it is illegal to burn in the fireplace unless you're exempt. watch as i progress this. it actually pulls back on the clouds. that means we have an offshore breeze that will be developing. it's already out there. it's going to continue for tomorrow. and that will drive our temperatures up just a little bit in the afternoon. so tomorrow afternoon, few degrees warmer than what we had today. tomorrow morning, a cold start once again. 30degrees in napa. 30 in santa rosa.
10:49 pm
patchy frost. patchy fog. don't think we'll see it as thick as we had it this morning. 42 in oakland. 45 nor san francisco. 38 fremont. mid-30s for livermore and pacifica you're expected to hit 45 degrees tomorrow morning right about sunrise. into the afternoon temperatures ranging in the low to mid-50s for parts of the north bay. 63 in me novato. into the santa clara valley a nice day. 65 san jose. 66 for morgan hill and a beautiful day at santa cruz 68 with mostly sunny skies. the extended forecast here your bay area weekend always in view. more of the same. the temperatures only subtle changes in the forecast. and as we get into your weekend we're still well above the average with temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. >> no rain in sight. >> all right, thank you rosemary. >> we want to take you back now
10:50 pm
to ktvu's cristina rendon. >> that's where crowds are gathering for the fireworks show that starts just about an hour from now, cristina. >> yeah, guys the crowds continue to gather in anticipation of this fireworks show. we are in one of the best watching conditions. i mean these people have shown up really within the last half hour ready to enjoy the festivities here. this fireworks show is what everybody is coming out for. it's 16 hours long. it is produced by the same people that put on the 75th anniversary for the golden gate bridge. so these people are excited. everyone is ready for that fireworks show. you still have a little less than an hour to get here. we will of course bring you the live action if you did not see it. tomorrow morning on the morning show we will have the fireworks show if you missed it tonight. cristina rendon, ktvu news. >> cristina seems to be having a good time out there.
10:51 pm
joe is in for mark with the sharks. how did the sharks do? >> not so well to start the new year. the sharks had to settle for a split san jose beat the anaheim ducks on sunday. the two teams met again tonight in the south land. patrick marlow breaks away and makes a pass to couture who converts on hiller. the ducks then reeled off four straight goals. picked by the ducks bonino. able to get the puck to bolski. the ducks extend their lead over second place san jose to seven points. two games over the warriors. things couldn't be going any better. golden state in orlando this afternoon where the fans had to hope the evening's party turned out better than the game. this was a rare chance for the warriors to coast from start
10:52 pm
to finish. he was rewarded by steph curry. he led the warriors with 22. this trip down step will take matters into his own hands. he pulls up for a three that's all net by halftime. golden state was up by three. more of the same in the second half, clay thompson works hard. their starters have the luxury of sitting most of the fourth quarter. the warriors cruise to a 94-81 win. they've won six in a row. the first two with an evidential # game trip. we'll go bowling when this new year's eve forecast continues. a day for the pac12 that was pretty good. quite a performance for a heisman trophy winner who may have played his last college game. we'll be right back.
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throughout his college career, johnny manziel has commanded attention. manziel and texas a & m found themselves behind duke. anthony boone with a pass to reed who tight ropes the sidelines. manziel to a very open walker and it's a three point game. manziel passed for 382 yards
10:56 pm
and four touchdowns. this game went back and forth all night and here's the only turnover which clenched it for the aggies. boom, picked off by tony herd jr. and this one is not going back. manziel goes out a winner. will he come back for another year at college station or will he go pro? a nice showing by the pac12 in a couple of other games today. the flag delivered in style in el paso where ucla met virginia state in the sun bowl. this was a one man show brought to us by hemley. he cuts all the way back across the field. hemley goes 86 yards to the end zone to give the bruins the lead. he passed for 226 and two more. bruins finished the season. that photographer on the
10:57 pm
sideline is ken griffey jr. his son tre a wide receiver in arizona hauling in a pass. griffey caught a pair of catches. and finish their season 8-5. the first new nfl coaching hire of the offseason has been announced. bill o'brien will take over for the houston texans who fired gary kubiak. >> ken griffey better have caught that catch by his son with that lens he had. >> my kids are excited to watch him. thanks joe. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll bring you breaking news. >> and right now we learned that police are investigating a
10:58 pm
shooting accident. and a car accident that killed a young child tonight. you can follow us on twitter and >> good night. >> good night.
10:59 pm
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♪ i live for the night ♪ i live for the night ♪ i live for the night mario lopez here welcoming you to fox's new year's eve live! here, from the amazing light nightclub at the mandalay bay resort, las vegas, is krewella!


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